The following examples are work that I was involved with in some capacity or another while employed at Brady Communications as a Prepress Specialist. In that role, I was daily tasked with a very broad range of technical and production responsibilities from in-house digital photography to hi-end, advanced digital retouching, color correction and image manipulation to everyday file preparation, using industry standard applications such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop as well as Quark Xpress and various third party software applications related to our Epson Printers, RIPs, scanners and Canon 40D digital camera.

Following are some of the projects I worked on during my tenure.

The following is a quarterly publication that was designed & produced by Brady's talented team of designer's, writers and production artists. For my part, I did most of the image and color work and occasionally performed the entire issue file prep and prepress assembly, as well as attending my share of presschecks.



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